venerdì 17 febbraio 2017

Honoring his sacrifice in the anniversary of his martyrdom, Syrian Arab Republic pays homage to Hassan Assad Assad!

No "faux pas" would be more unforgivable for this blog than to open up for business withouth honoring and paying homage all the men and women who during the last six years did immolate their lives to defend Syria, its people and its institutions.

Thus we dedicate the present post not only to the young hero you see above, but, ideally, to all those who preceded and followed him in martyrdom, with the hope that their sacrifice, life after life, will serve to guarantee a peaceful and serene future for all Syrians.

Zara, Krak des Chevaliers 17-02-2014

Three years ago a crack commando of just six NDF militiamen, led by Lieuteneant Hassan Assad Assad (himself 20 years old), started the operations to win back and free up the historical Krak des Chevalier castle by engaging takfiri terrorists in the village of Zara, leading the way for the eventual liberation of the fortress.
That mission saw the martyrdom of Hassan, who fell fighting alongside the rest of his squad.
There were no survivors from his unit.
In the third anniversary of your death, I do hereby renew the oath we swore just 25 days prior to your passing: "Homeland or Bust".

Rest in peace, my young and brave nephew, the Krak has been freed, and later the whole of Aleppo itself has been freed.

Eternal Glory to all of our Martyrs, to our Nation of Heroes.

The italicized lines have been written by Ouday "Soso" Ramadan.

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